The microecology of the skin is on everyone’s lips and so naturally within the subject of masks as well. Various studies have shown that a balanced skin flora leads to a healthy skin appearance. Was geschieht aber nun, wenn die Haut an aufeinander folgenden Tagen mit hohen Konzentrationen an potenten Konservierungsmitteln ausgesetzt wird? But what happens if the skin is exposed to high concentrations of potent preservatives on consecutive days? This issue was tackled by a research team from GOETHE Biotechnology GmbH and they published an article in the SOFW. The results are worrying. After the continuous application of only four consecutive days, the skin flora is already significantly negatively affected. The comparative tests with a mask without preservatives showed that there were no significant changes in the number or composition of the microecology. (Source)

Sheet face masks traditionally contain a high proportion of preservatives. The sheet mask often consists of a natural product (e.g. cellulose) and is soaked in the cosmetic formulation for months, which requires an appropriate preservation. Although the sachet is welded airtight, cellulose provides an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. High concentrations of potent preservatives are used to make the mask safe for the consumer and to ensure a long shelf life.

Sooner or later, this increased use of preservatives will also attract the attention of the end consumer. Especially if the concerns are supported by a study such as that of GOETHE Biotechnology GmbH.

This is where clixperience offers the optimal solution. Due to our 2-chamber system, the sheet mask and the cosmetic formulation are stored separately and only get into contact once the end customer activates the capsule. For this reason, we use gentle and skin-friendly pseudopreservatives in our formulations. Do you want to be one step ahead of your competitors today and offer preservative free sheet masks? Then clixperience is the right product for you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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